I am an award winning makeup artist, photographer, stylist, best selling author, social media consultant and pageant mentor. I have been married for 15 years and have two sons age 12 and 13. I have participated in beauty pageants since the age of 14 and at 21 was a Miss SA semi-finalist and at the age of 37 became 2nd Princess in the Mrs SA. Having never left the beauty and women industry, I have extensive knowledge to impart in order to empower you and help you succeed and reach your full potential in this competition.
Our Mentor Sessions will not only be inspirational but will be practical and extremely helpful. I will guide you with all my knowledge and experience. I guarantee that these sessions will leave you feeling much more confident and enthusiastic.



  • Nicole Capper

    “The secret behind Cathy Heaton is that she cares. It is not about a rule book, it was never about a rule book. It was about being authentic and keeping me grounded.” – Nicole Capper Mrs South Africa 2017/18

  • Tamzin Vassanjee

    "The Pageant world is one where even the toughest Warrior Queen can become susceptible to self doubt and eroded confidence. Do not despair though as Cathy Heaton is the only Mentor who truly fulfills that role. She will mould you into the best version of yourself without the clichés normally attached thereto and without discarding the essence of who you are and what makes you unique. In fact, she will help you unveil your uniqueness in a manner that you will carry with you long after the limelight of any Pageant ends. She is honest and straightforward with gentleness and kindness. The truth of what you need to do to accomplish your goal, whatever that is, in this Pageant is never compromised with Cathy by your side. She will use her magic touch with makeup and behind the lenses to reveal the Beauty Queen within you that you never imagined possible. And the best part of that transformation is that YOU will never be lost in it! Cathy Heaton is your best chance at getting the very best experience on your Mrs South Africa journey. She did that for me." Tamzin Vassanjee – Top 12 Mrs SA 2016

  • Christy Haefele

    “My Mrs South Africa journey would not have been the same without Cathy Heaton. Her mentorship and friendship not only challenged and prepared me for the tasks and responsibilities of being a 2016 semi-finalist and finalist but more importantly helped me present to South Africa and the judges a more confident, unapologetic version of Christy. A Christy excited and ready for anything that comes my way. And for that I will forever be grateful.” Christy Haefele – Mrs SA Finalist 2017

  • Simone Schroeter

    “I was very fortunate to engage with Cathy as a mentor, she helped me discover my strengths and my passions and help me navigate my way in the pageant world that was very new territory for me. Her photography skills are also out of this world and gave me great media to use for my social media etc.” Simone Schroeter – Mrs SA Public Choice 2017 & Finalist

  • Marlene Naiker

    “Cathy and I instantly connected! She had an amazing way of helping me find my strengths. We spent time perfecting before pageant week and she rooted for me all the way! I would recommend any pageant hopeful to her for her coaching as well as makeup and professional pics! My current profile pics were done by her.” Marlene Naiker – Mrs SA 2nd Princess 2016

  • Olwethu Njoloza-Leshabane

    '”Coaching with Cathy was both beneficial to my career and the Mrs SA pageant journey itself. I learnt ways to strategically communicate myself and who I am throughout the pageant without forgoing the entrepreneur and business woman in me. I appreciate that Cathy help me see ‘the me’ I was struggling to communicate and assisted me to convey her. You need to have a plan for your platform win or lose, Cathy assisted me with that.” Olwethu Njoloza-Leshabane – Mrs SA 1st Princess 2017

  • Claire Gardiner

    “Cathy Heaton is incredible when transforming ladies with her excellent makeup artistry and photographic skills and mentorship in preparing real women for the Mrs South Africa - true blessing last year when starting this women empowerment journey.” Claire Gardiner – Mrs SA Charity 2017

  • Riandi Conradie

    It was such an honour to be mentored by Cathy in my journey for Mrs South Africa. Cathy helped me unlock my potential and she assisted me in every aspect of the competition. She helped me prepare mentally, physically and to get me pageant ready.” – Riandi Conradie Mrs SA Charity 2016 & Top 6


    I had Cathy Heaton as my mentor on my Tammy Taylor Mrs South Africa journey. I met with her and immediately we got down to business and she made me feel comfortable in the sense of allowing me to be completely myself. We spoke openly and honestly about what my expectations were for the competition and what I could do to improve my chances to get to the top. Cathy has an open heart and shared more than just what you’d expect from a mentor. She makes all the effort in the world to customize the mentoring sessions to your individual needs and gives tailor-made advice that you can’t just get from anyone. I so appreciate her help through my journey as she believed in me and encouraged me to be the best version of myself from a mom sitting at home with no vision to a woman full of confidence, drive and vision. I highly recommend that you book your mentor sessions immediately. Cathy will put your dreams, your vision, your reality and your expectations into perspective. Thank-you Cathy for the faith you had in me to become the woman I have always known was there. Every bit of advice was taken and helped elevate me when I stood on that stage! – Bella Edwards – Mrs SA Personality, Mrs SA Photogenic and Empowerment Award Recepient 2017/18